Roofing in Mesquite, TX

The roofs on our heads are what protect us from harm and keep us safe. We know how vital it is that our clients feel secure in their homes. We do our best to offer both family-friendly options and business-friendly solutions to all your roofing requirements.

Mesquite Roofing Contractors guarantee only the best. Our company offers superior-quality materials and exceptionally skilled contractors who deliver high-quality results. Our company is filled with talented and dedicated people who can get the job done.

It doesn’t really matter if your project involves roof repairs or replacements. Our contractors are ready to take care of your homes.

What we can do
We guarantee your satisfaction

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Roof Repair

We offer excellent roof repairs to stop leaks, broken gutters and unwanted pests getting into your roof through cracks or openings.
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Roof Inspection

You can find out all you need to know about your roof using our comprehensive inspection services.
workers during residential roof replacement

Roof Replacement

With our seamless roof replacements and roof re-roofing solutions, it’s time for you to get rid your old roof.
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Roof Maintenance

Our experienced roofing contractors will make your dream roof a reality, whether you need tiles or asphalt shingles.

We can provide you with reliable roof repair and maintenance services, or regular inspections. Our team of top roofers includes professionals who have been professionally trained to deliver exceptional results. Reach out to us today and talk with one of our contractors!

Our roofers can handle any kind of roofing job. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to complete the job efficiently, from small repairs to major roof transformations. We offer gorgeous metal roofing and tile roofing services, both for residential and commercial properties.

What if you aren’t sure whether tile roofing or metal roofing is best for your home or business? Our agents are available to help you in this situation. We will help guide you through the pros and cons of each option. We can also offer a free estimate for the roof project you choose.

You can contact us contact.html for an appointment. We will send a member from our team right away to your home for a thorough roofing inspection. Our experienced roof contractors will assist you in deciding whether you need a minor or major roof repair.

We strive to provide the best possible and most affordable solutions. Our handymen are happy to fix minor problems and make your roofs as good as new. It is possible to expect us to only suggest roof replacements when absolutely needed.

Finally, our company is committed to providing long-lasting and reliable roofing solutions through partnerships with reliable suppliers. Apart from offering quality repairs and safe installation we will also make your roof the talk. We will make sure that you have a home that is solid, durable, and beautiful without sacrificing beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Our Roofing Services

Roof Repair

Restore your roof to its original glory with our seamless roofing repair services. No matter how strong or durable your roof might seem, it’s still vulnerable to damage. Due to daily wear and tear and extreme weather conditions, cracks and leaks can occur. Ignoring these signs can only make it worse.Your home can be your best investment. We have the right team for your small or big repairs. Our team of trustworthy experts will help you repair minor roof problems before they turn into a costly replacement.You can trust our contractors to give you roof inspection reports that will allow you to make the best decision regarding your home. Minor wear and tear can be fixed quickly to ensure that your roof does not suffer further damage. It saves you both time and money long-term.

Roof Inspection

Sometimes, busy schedules can cause us to lose sight of the important things. We can forget to notice minor issues or signs of damage. It is important to know that roof cracks or wear could lead you to expensive re-roofing. This is why it is so important to schedule regular roof inspections.Our agents are available to assist you today. We will design a flexible inspection and maintenance plan that suits your schedule. To have one of the roof inspectors arrive at your place, choose a convenient time or date. The process will only take twenty minutes once the inspectors are on site.Our roofers will be there in no time. We will also provide a detailed report that details any minor and major repairs we may have to do. Our roof inspectors will always be open to questions regarding the report. You can also ask our professionals any questions you may have about the report.

Roof Replacement

The reality is that you cannot fix extreme cases with just a patching service. Lucky for you, we offer budget-friendly roof replacement services. We will quickly evaluate the situation and assist you in making a decision. Our contractors will use the most durable and robust materials and equipment.Our agents are available to help you discuss your options. We offer seamless roof replacement services in all areas of the house. You can also contact us to remodel or replace your entire roofing system. Give us a call today and we’ll tell you everything about our commercial or residential roofing and roofing replacement options.We understand how important your home can be to your daily life. Our professional team will adhere strictly to a schedule and deliver extraordinary re-roofing options. We will be on-time. We understand that time is precious and money is scarce.

Roof Maintenance

Our roofs are our shield from the harsh elements and keep us protected from harm. They are subject to daily wear and tear, which we often forget. It is crucial that we ensure that our roofs remain in good condition. Proper maintenance and care can prolong your roof’s life span.Like regular items, our roofs require just as much care. Regular maintenance makes sure that minor issues are checked and fixed right away. It could be as simple to clean out your gutters or fix cracks and boots on pipes, or routine roof cleaning. Our maintenance service costs are affordable and we work around your schedule.For an appointment, please call us depending on your availability. We will send a professional roofer immediately to inspect, inspect, or administer necessary maintenance processes. Do not worry about bringing any tools or other materials. Our roofers and experts have been highly trained professionals, so you can be sure that they will arrive well prepared.

Residential Roofing

Our residential roofing team provides a range of services from regular maintenance inspections to full replacements of the entire roof, including installation of new flashing and gutters. The residential roofing service will usually replace all materials on an existing home’s flat or low-pitch roof.

You should hire a residential roofer who has experience with your type of roofing material. Some companies have been in business for several years, while others may be less experienced but provide quality work at competitive prices. Read online reviews and talk to references provided by prospective residential roofers before you decide which to hire.

Hiring a Residential Roofing Service

When you hire a residential roofing service, ask for estimates and references. Get at least three estimates so you can compare prices and the quality of work. Be sure to check that all permits have been filed and that the roofers take safety precautions during your home’s construction. Review each estimate with an attorney or other knowledgeable individual before signing a contract.

Commercial Roofing

Roofing is one of those things that many people tend to take for granted. But it’s not surprising, since we typically only see them when they’re damaged and we need commercial roofing repair. It’s definitely easy to forget about commercial roofing and the companies that provide commercial roofing services until you or a loved one experiences a sudden hurricane or another weather event that damages your commercial roof. Having said all this, commercial roofs are designed with specific functions in mind; namely, keeping water out and protecting those who work (and live) inside commercial buildings from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail storms, and snow. That means correctly identifying what kind of commercial roof your commercial building needs before choosing a commercial roofer will be critical to ensuring that your commercial roof performs the function it was designed to perform. Professional commercial roofers understand that not everyone is in a position to absorb the cost of commercial roofing services all on their own. For this reason, many commercial roofers are willing to offer commercial roof repair or commercial roof replacement at reduced prices or even for free. As an added bonus, a commercial roofer can often provide other valuable commercial building services during these charity events. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get some needed commercial building repairs taken care of, keep your eye out for commercial roofing service announcements by professional commercial contractors near you who are looking to give back to their community while taking care of one of their most important commercial building services.
Our Approach

Texas roofing experts provide quality repair and installation services. As local contractors we know how it is to live in Mesquite. Our weather is unpredictable, and we can help you make sure that your roofs are resilient to it.

Our goal is for you to have a safe and secure community. We use robust materials and efficient roofing contractors. We are available to answer your questions and offer support. Reach out to us to discuss your roofing needs.

We pride ourselves on finding roofers who will be dedicated and determined to their jobs. As such, you can be sure that your homes will be treated with the same love and respect they give to their own. We have made every effort to meet the high standards set by our community.

Frequently asked questions
You don’t have to choose between a new or replacement roof. A new roof is possible if you are unsure about the structure of your older home. A new roof can also be chosen by clients who simply want to improve the appearance of their homes.
Our team is committed to providing detailed and thorough reports for all inspections. You can schedule an appointment now and we’ll send out our roof experts that day. Our friendly roof experts will inspect the roof and give you a detailed report. We will give you a detailed report that includes all details, including any damage or potential damage. Also, we will tell you if you require major repairs.
Texas is extremely hot, so we recommend both asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Both materials are flexible and can be used in either direction. As an affordable roofing solution, quality asphalt shingles is the best choice. Metal roofs also have the added benefit of being fireproof and durable, which is great for commercial properties.
Yes. Yes. We use high-quality materials as well as efficient tools and equipment. We have highly trained and skilled workers who can perform any kind of roofing service. Our customers can rest assured with our service warranty and customer guarantee.
We accept cash payment and all major credit/debit cards. You should note that we only require payment once the job’s done. You can reach our contractors or professional roofers for any additional information before paying the bill. No other company can guarantee customer satisfaction than our contractors.
We will send someone from our team to complete the job after you have contacted us. One of our professional roof inspections will come to your home for a simple roof inspection. You may need more people for larger projects like roof installations and replacements. If this is the case we will send qualified and experienced professionals to meet all your roofing needs.
No. No. We will ensure that we have all the required tools and equipment ready for construction day. No need to stress about certain items. Our roofers will take good care of all the details. Just relax and wait until one of our team leaders consults with you about the job.
If you still love the old material, it’s okay to reuse them. Let’s suppose that your roofing system may be a little bit outdated. In such cases, we recommend investing in greener and more efficient roofing materials. You may not be sure which type of material to choose. In this case, our roof repair contractors will give you a lot of options. We will give you information on the positive and negative aspects of each material so you can make an informed decision.
Don’t be concerned about any debris or left-over dust from a gutter cleaning job. Our team of skilled roofers will bring all the equipment and tools necessary. This includes the clean-up materials. The company follows a strict clean up as you go protocol. We also follow proper disposal procedures. This means that clients won’t have any need to worry about messy yards or front yards. A dump truck is usually used for clean-up, as well as proper disposal bins. You don’t have any need to worry about the dust or debris.
Newer roofing systems are energy-efficient than older models. Additionally, new roofs are made using the latest materials and provide insulation. This will help you regulate the temperature of your building. You will be able to cool down even during the hot summers in Mesquite Texas. High-tech roofing systems and solar reflection can provide energy-efficient results.